What Every Child Should Know” is modern children’s literature that radically instills awareness of social justice issues and community care within traditional children picture book story-telling.

Written by Lark Sontag, early childhood education and literary advocate known for her work with the Blk Grrrl Book Fair and Will Start Small, “What Every Child Should Know” inspires children to grow to believe in the kind of world they deserve is possible through acceptance, social cooperation, and most importantly, action. Covering important movements such as “Black Lives Matters” and “Water is Life”, as well as instilling an understanding of a world that is borderless, nonbinary, neurodiverse, and accepting of differences, this is children’s literature that every parent, guardian, and early childhood educator who is striving towards equity will reach for time and time again.

About the Author

Lark Sontag is a poet, children’s literature author, and educationalist based in New York and Los Angeles.

About the Designer

Danae Silva-Montiel is an illustrator based in Mexico.

“What Every Child Should Know” will be out in the Summer of 2020 on Sanctuary Publishers.

Here is a little book that will teach you--whether you are child or an adult--how to love and be just and walk this planet with respect. This distillation, from the marvelous Lark Sontag, written with clarity and passion, gives advice that honors all of us. May it find its way into hands and stories of every child. May it bring us peace.
Ilya Kaminsky, author of “Deaf Republic”

With clarity, humor, and a profound sense of justice, “What Every Child Should Know” is a book you will want to read to your children over and over again. You’ll want to read it so often that your children commit each page to memory, so that the wisdom it brings becomes second nature, and your child moves forward in life with unshakable conviction in the humanity of all people, and the sacredness of all life. I’m so glad Lark Sontag wrote this book, and I’m so excited to give it to all the children in my life.”
Amanda Yates Garcia, author of “Initiated: Memoir of a Witch”

Lark is a genius. I am a teacher and its voices like Sontag’s that children need to hear. Her work empowers minoritized kids in ways that will dramatically steer American culture in the direction of progress.
Myriam Gurba, author of “Mean”

What Every Child Should Know is a book Every Adult Should Read!
Keith Knight, Gentleman Cartoonist

Lark Sontag's "What Every Child Should Know" provides parents with a way to introduce important and complex subjects to their children in a manner that is warm, playful, and sincere. Sontag's book honors the intelligence of children and trusts that their ability to think critically and exhibit empathy. The world could for real use more children's books like this!
Vincent Toro, author of “Stereo. Island. Mosaic” and “Tertulia”

Child centered, social justice
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